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Issue 13

Are You Suffering From Adultitis?

The following article was written by Jason Kotecki a cartoonist, speaker and author. He is the creator of the hilarious internationally-known comic strip Kim and Jason. I recently found Jason's writings at Ideamarketers.com and thought his studies on "Adultitis" were so great I had to share them with you. Enjoy!  

What is Adultitis? Adultitis is a common condition occurring in people between the ages of 21-121, marked by chronic dullness, mild depression, moderate to extremely high stress levels, a general fear of change, and, in some extreme cases the inability to smile. Patients can appear aimless, discontent, and anxious about many things. Onset can be accelerated by an excess burden of bills, overwhelming responsibilities, or a boring work life. Generally, individuals in this condition are not fun to be around.  

How many people have Adultitis?  Unfortunately, because it often goes undiagnosed, there is no way to tell how many people are currently living with Adultitis. If we had to put a number on it, based on our current research, we'd have to say....a lot. It's certainly an epidemic. So whatever number it takes to qualify as an epidemic, multiply that by at least three. In comparison, Adultitis makes the Black Death plague of 1347 look like a trip to Disneyland.

Who discovered Adultitis? Although Adultitis has been around for centuries, it has only recently been discovered and named by Jason Kotecki. The first breakthrough came when he made the peculiar observation that children rarely complain about being stressed and seem to enjoy life way more than grown-ups. Further research unveiled that the average four-year-old laughs over 400 times a day, while the average adult laughs just 15 times per day. At that point, Kotecki realized that he was on the verge of something big. He found that this discrepency between children and grown-ups was not caused simply by a decrease in exposure to Saturday morning cartoons and knock-knock jokes, but by a real, debilitating disease he ultimately dubbed Adultitis.  

Is Adultitis lethal? What are the effects of Adultitis? Yes, adultitis can kill you. Adultitis causes stress --lots of it. And stress has been linked to all of the things that kill us, from heart attacks to cirrhosis, suicide to accidents. In fact, 75% of all of our doctor visits are stress-related. People who are relatively Adultitis-free tend to live much longer, enjoy life much more, and are less likely to have co-workers and family members go out of their way to avoid them. Adultitis not only causes stress, but it can be responsible for a loss of vitality, sleeplessness, anxiety and in some extreme cases, the complete inability to smile. Obviously, it's a force to be reckoned with.  

How does a person contract Adultitis?  There are many different ways in which a person can contract Adultitis. Here are a few known ways:

1) By being in close proximity to others with Adultitis for extended periods of time.

2) By sticking with a job that makes you want to poke your eyes out with chopsticks, regardless of how much money you make.

3) By ignoring your dreams to pursue the things that your mom/neighbor/society thinks you should do

4) By regularly answering "Because we've always done them this way" whenever someone asks "Why do we do things this way?"

5) By habitually chasing the "next big thing" and consciously or subconsciously trying to keep up with the Joneses.

6) By habitually taking oneself too seriously while neglecting things that make you smile

7) By becoming a slave to what other people think, and masking your true identity from others

8) By engaging in a perpetual deluge of activities that keep you busier than a one-armed busboy working at Applebee's on a Saturday night.

9) Some studies show that people who don't believe in a higher power have a much higher risk of contracting Adultitis

What are the warning signs of Adultitis? You may have Adultitis if.....

1) The only reason you avoid nude beaches is because you'd have nowhere to clip your cell phone.

2) You can't wait until they come up with a way to surgically fuse your cell phone to your head

3) You'd definitely quit your soul-sucking, black-pit of death job if not for the great vision plan

4) You go to work when it's dark and you come home when it's dark (and you don't live in Alaska)

5) Your family eats dinner in the family SUV or around the microwave

6) You don't have any time for hobbies but you spend so much time watching TV that your TiVo has filed a restraining order against you

7) Your children are involved in more activities than the United Way

8) The last time you remember taking time off was when Michael Jackson was black.

The mere thought of being unable to check voicemail or email for a 24 hour period makes you spontaneously combust.

To find out more about Adultitis visit www.adultitis.org

©Jason Kotecki. Jason Kotecki is a mild-mannered cartoonist, speaker and author with the mission of helping people diagnose, treat  and cure cases of Adultitis. He is the creator of the hilarious internationally-known comic strip, Kim and Jason, and the author of  "Escape Adulthood: 8 Secrets from Childhood for the Stressed-Out Grown-Up." Read his blog, listen to his podcast, reminisce about your own childhood and sign up to receive free comics and tips on escaping adulthood at www.kimandjason.com

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The past few months have been very busy as I pursue my passion, overcome obstacles and press on to the unique destiny God has for me. I once heard a speaker say that often you don't know how far you've come until you look back and see where you've come from. Reminiscing with friends over this holiday season has really made me aware of how far I have come. I am excited about the fact that much of my journey has been an inward one because this has created a solid foundation for me to travel on.

This past month I helped others harness their own inward spiritual journeys by running local Seminar/Concerts titled "Toward Bethlehem." Toward Bethlehem was a special, reflective, peaceful time that allowed others to leave the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and come to a warm, loving place that embraced their desire to re-focus, prepare and get centered on the real meaning of Christmas. There is nothing like the combination of speaking/sharing and the power of music to take people to another level. Many said that Christmas was so much deeper, and richer as a result of preparing themselves to receive Jesus in their own personal Bethlehem this Christmas.

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Let's face it, life can be tough. That's why I so encourage you to consider this CD as an investment in your future. It can give you that "faithlift," "motivation,""encouragement" or "reminder" right when you need it. Purchase more than one and share them as gifts with others you know that are reaching toward their own personal and spiritual destiny. They will truly thank you for caring about their success with this gift.

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Lastly, my article "The Top 10 Reasons Why Planning Your Life is Vital" was recently published in the Las Vegas Asian Journal! How exciting!

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May 2007 be a truly So Alive Inside year for us all!!