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So Alive Inside!

Issue 3

1) Thoughts on living life So Alive Inside!
2) Recent happenings

Thoughts on living life So Alive Inside!

Today my thoughts on living life So Alive Inside turn to the stable of Bethlehem. For me, the image of Jesus lying in a humble manger, inside a shabby stable with such meager surroundings represents so much. There’s nothing more amazing to me than a God that would send his son to bring radiance, wonder and awe to a place that had none.

The stable had nothing to offer Jesus, just like we have nothing to offer him, but Jesus came nonetheless, accepted its nothingness, and turned it into something beautiful. That’s how it is with us too. If we allow Jesus to come into the stable of our hearts and be born there, he’ll turn our nothingness into something beautiful. But that’s the key, allowing him to be born there.

Jesus is life. The bible says that “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life….” John 14:6. If that’s the case, then the decision we make this Christmas and daily throughout the year to allow Christ to be born in us is a huge key to whether we will live life fully alive, or perhaps, not as alive as God intended.

One thing I always need to remind myself of when making a decision for Christ at Christmas is that the decision is an act of the will and unfortunately, the will and my feelings often have two completely different agendas when it comes to daily living.

Undoubtedly, my feelings will be the first to whimper at the first sign of resistance to truly living life fully alive. My will on the other hand, is steady as she goes. So which will I choose? Will I keep the decision I made at Christmas or will it be lost in the unpredictable territory of emotion? The choice is mine but luckily I’m not entirely alone in walking out the right choice.

Jesus upholds my decision to choose life. I’ve found that though my feelings let me down, he never does. Keeping my eyes fixed on him is my strength. I’m not perfect, but I’m a lot better at this than I use to be. It’s okay to have days that aren’t as on as other days as long as you keep doing your part to look to Jesus. That’s all he asks. He doesn’t need our ability as much as he needs our availability.

So step out in faith and choose to allow Jesus to live out the fully alive life he’s already given you. Let the image of Jesus lying in a manger imprint itself on your heart and know that if you’ve made a decision for him to be born in you this Christmas he is ready and willing to help you walk out that decision and experience the abundant life he came to give you.

Recent happenings

My main project over the past little while has been putting things in place for my debut CD.

Recently, I slipped over to Vancouver to work with my fabulous producer, Bill Buckingham. Our time was spent putting several songs down as starter tracks. It was so exciting to work with someone so in tune with my music and what I want to say with each song and I’m thrilled to continue on through to the completion of this project with Bill.

Each of my songs are like kids to me. They’re my babies and they all mean so much. It’s hard to explain just how incredibly exciting it is for me to have even a glimpse of what they will become. Just being in the studio, gets me all emotional like a parent looking on proudly at their son or daughter. And this is just the beginning of the project! What will happen to me when I hear the finished product? Only time will tell I guess. But I know for sure it will definitely include a lot of tissue!

I’m so convinced that this CD is going to be absolutely amazing. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will be nothing less than out of this world! You guys are going to love it!! Trust me; it’s going to be awesome! I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very special and blessed Christmas and may your new year be filled with joy, peace, love and of course life in the abundance that only Christ can give!

‘Til next time, blessings.