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Dream Seeds

"All our dreams can come true if we have the
courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

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** Dream Seeds will soon be part of www.4abetterme.com. This is a self-empowerment blog Barb is developing that will solely be dedicated to helping you achieve your highest personal and spiritual potential. Please get on board the mail list to receive more information coming soon! ---- :o)


Your dream is important!

This is the portion of the site that is solely dedicated to providing inspirational and motivational quotes, short stories and tips to inspire, encourage and empower you on your journey toward the fulfillment of your unique dream.   

Every month you will find brand new seeds that you can apply to your life in order that your dreams may flourish!

Make sure to also browse the articles for more tips on how to live your ideal life.

More seed will continually be added in the days and weeks ahead so please keep checking back often!


February 2011 seeds         February short story of the month 

March 2011 seeds               March short story of the month


Please note:

** Dream Seeds is getting a new home! If you've been enjoying Dream Seeds please hang tight as the new online home is being established. It should be ready to go in the next few weeks! A link will be added to this website when it is ready. **