So Alive Inside!

Issue 2

1) Thoughts on living life So Alive Inside!
2) Recent happenings

I’m so excited about the opportunity this newsletter gives me to touch base with all of you every month. Knowing that people care for me and the work God has given me to do is special. Thank you all for your continued support. It means a lot!

I read a quote recently that said “The Glory of God is a human being who is fully alive!” (Saint Irenaeus, in the 2nd century). Rick Warren, in his popular book, The Purpose Driven Life, beautifully expanded on this idea by devoting an entire chapter of his book to the subject of glorifying God in and through our lives.

Nature, is a perfect example of God’s creation glorifying him. Whether it’s a snowcapped mountain, a towering oak, an eagle, a leaf, a goldfish or an ant there’s a certain wonder that comes with the simplicity of being all we’re created to be.

Nature doesn’t have to work at being beautiful or extraordinary or a sight that will take your breath away. It just IS and that’s what makes it absolutely breathtaking. It automatically submits to its purpose and it’s that submission that leads to its ultimate destiny.

It’s interesting to me, that the things that have no free will are often more beautiful and glorious than the things that do, namely people. Countless individuals roam the earth week after week searching for themselves? They’ve lost the core of who they are and they seek to find that innate flame that somehow got blown out by their perception of life.

It’s sad that the “rules” of the modern world often promise us so much yet leave us stranded amid the wind blown sand of our deserted soul. Trading our uniqueness for uniformity is so common in society that we often overlook its destructiveness and accept it as common practice. An “effortless,” natural way of living so easily gets replaced by a life of striving and stress.

But that’s not how God meant it. God made each of us with a unique purpose that only we can fulfill. This special purpose lies dormant inside each of us until we are awakened by a burning desire to have it. When we make a decision to shake off the shackles of modern world thinking and truly be who we’re meant to be, we become like the snowcapped mountain, the towering oak, the eagle or the ant. We join the happy side of creation…..those that choose to submit to what they truly are. We become as Saint Iranaeus said, “a human being who is fully alive!” 

There is nothing complicated or stress filled about being who you truly are. This is our natural state and it is our duty to plug into this truth. Tapping into our inner desires, dreams and God’s special will for us enables us to have the same kind of freedom that all of creation basks in. When we grasp this truth and claim it for ourselves God is glorified and we enter into the life that we are truly meant to live!

Recent happenings

I recently performed at a local venue that promotes and teaches the benefits of leading a positive life. A candle was lit for the duration of the service to signify the light inside each of us and the importance of sharing that light with others.

Just like nature attracts others to its beauty or light, we too attract others to ourselves by allowing our light to shine forth in the world. Our light is God himself shining forth in us and it is necessary for each of us to realize this truth and bring it to the world.

I performed a variety of songs at this event but one that seemed to stand out for many people was a song called “Forgotten.” The song is about how we all too often get lost in our own little world of weakness and completely forget about the power of God in us. It was special to see many touched by this song.

On a recent trip to Vancouver, I decided to visit with several well known and established producers for my CD project. I was extremely fortunate and blessed to find a new, wonderful producer for my music.

Bill Buckingham, is a veteran in the music business. He has over 25 years experience as an engineer/producer/arranger in most major studios in Vancouver, including Little Mountain Sound, Ocean Studios, Hipposonic Studios, Mushroom Studios, The Armoury, Greenhouse, Phoenix, and the Warehouse Studios.

He has been chosen Recording Engineer and Producer of the year several years in a row and has worked with many talented artists. Among them: Rita McNeil, Carolyn Arends, Lisa Brokop. Bill is also actively involved in writing, producing and arranging scores for film and television.

I’m excited to have Bill working on this project. We are currently in the pre-production stage of the CD! It’s going to be fabulous!

As I continue to work diligently at my craft and the business God has allowed me to build, I am blessed to have so much opportunity to stretch and push myself beyond where I ever thought I could go. That’s what any great dream should do; stretch us out of our comfort zone and straight into the palm of God’s hand.

Please pray for me as I journey and I will pray for you! May your desire (and mine!) to live life truly alive never diminish but be constantly replenished in Christ.

‘Til next time, blessings.